Buying Guide

Viewing a Property:

To view a property that you are interested in simply contact us and we will arrange an appointment for you to view at a time that is most convenient for you.

Finance and Mortgage:

It is advisable to get a mortgage agreed in principle early on in you property search, as this could put you in a better position and could also save a considerable amount of time during your mortgage application.

Making an offer:

When you have found a suitable property and wish to make an offer, we will put your offer forward to the vendor both verbally and in writing. All offers are subject to contract and is not legally binding on you or the seller until exchange of contracts.

Acceptance of an Offer:

Once an offer has been accepted we will arrange for the agreed sale terms to be confirmed to all parties, it is at this stage that you will need to appoint a solicitor to handle the legal paperwork involved as part of the sale process and subsequent transfer of ownership.


If you are arranging a mortgage you will need to proceed with the mortgage application and make arrangements for the survey to be carried out on the property. A Mortgage Valuation is carried out on the property by a surveyor on behalf of the mortgage lender to advise on the valuation of the property and basic condition.

Mortgage Offer:

Once your mortgage application has been approved, the lender will send a mortgage offer to you and your solicitor, this will confirm the terms of the mortgage and deposit amount that you will be required to pay.

Exchange of Contracts:

Exchange of contracts will take place once the contract has been signed by you and the seller, a deposit, normally a percentage of the purchase price is paid. It is at this stage that the transaction becomes legally binding for both you and the seller. On exchange of contracts the completion date is set.


This is a date set a few days or weeks after exchange of contracts. The remainder of the money is now transferred from your solicitor to the seller’s solicitor, at which point you become the new legal owner of the property.